Massac Productions

Media  producer of film, stills and design

Who is Massac?

Massac Productions is an award winning company focused on visual storytelling founded by the filmmaker Markus Helmersson in 2005.

Massac slowly grew with each project until it became a company in 2014.

We focus on filmmaking, but have experience in multiple forms of media.

Markus Helmersson

In Medias Res

Recent works

GDPR - After 2018-05-28 the new General Data Protection Regulation was put in practice, which also involves Massac Productions and our media production services. The regulations applies to how personal data and privacy is handled. Massac Productions save our customers contact and adress data, which is important to stay in touch and deliever our products to said customers. We do not share this personal data outside of the services of & Outlook, which is our ways of comunicating with our customers online.