Since 2005 Massac has been involved in more than 200 projects.

Down below follows a few of the projects I've covered.

Award winning animated short film with a bunch of twists to it.

One of multible short docs that takes us behind the scenes of an event organizer, and how to make food for 1500 guests.

Behind the scenes documentary of a documentary about an axe thrower from Hällefors, made at Karlstads University at Doc.mob!

A short coverage about the ITQ days at Karlstads University 2012, helping introducing women to the field of IT.

Ecological film development at the experimental filmfestival Avant of 2015, with Dagie Brundert.

Historical documentary about my hometown and a film found by my grandfather.

One of over 50 episodes of historical education for Sweden Academy.

All is right. - 

A personal documentary about mental illness, made at Karlstads University at Doc.mob!.

An interview with the artist Nils Johannesson

The trailer for the documentary project about Filipstad on its 400 year aniversary in 2011. 

Trailer for an award winning drama about a search without end.

A quick recap of the tourism discussions at Visit Värmland. 

A short coverage and interview about the re-opening of a watch tower i Filipstad. 

Short coverage of the Youth Skiing swedish masterships in Filipstad 2015.

Short coverage of Arlalaoppet in Filipstad 2017.